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Come Away With Me

Posted by on 26 July, 2013

Just found out I’m heading back over to Scotland next month and thought, since I’ll be doing loads of research for my Highland Chiefs series (and another one I’m not ready to share just yet…shhhhh), we should have some fun with this right?

My itinerary will follow the story line in all three books in the series so I will post as often as I can with pics from various locations and share how it relates to each novel. Sound good?

Over the coming weeks I’ll hammer out exactly how this will work, but you know me, I likes giving away stuff. I’ll bring back something special to give to one lucky commenter who has shared in the journey.

Stay tuned for deets!!!

Oh and WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! No warning this time, sorries. XD

2 Responses to Come Away With Me

  1. Victoria Barbour

    So excited for you! And jealous. Can you document Aunt Ida’s tour through Scotland too? Heck, you can be Aunt Ida. 😉

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