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Je suis en France!

Posted by on 29 August, 2013

Bonjour from beautiful Arras, France. Why this destination? Because it’s close to two war memorials very special to the hearts of Newfoundlanders and Canadians. And, since I’m travelling with a deployed Canadian Forces LtCol to Afghanistan who is on leave, I figured some of his relevance was in order.

First off I will say yesterday travelling for 16 hours was a challenge. Je ne parle pas le francais tres bien, and so when we arrived in France and needed to communicate to pick up our car, I was not really up to it. The lady at Europecar was great but she knew about as much English as I know French and so thankfully, bro stepped in and saved the day for both of us. We won’t get into the broken GPS and delayed arrival in Arras, nor the snarky waiter who was seemingly appaled when we asked if they served anything local. No. We’ll stick to the positives here people.

So, where is Arras? Here.

Agrandir le plan

Arras is very close to two war memorials, Beaumont Hamel and Vimy Ridge. If you are from Newfoundland and/or Canada, you already know why these two locations are in the hearts of every NLder and Canadian. Our part in the First World War was significant in certain places, these are just two. I’ve included the Canadian Government link for both above for anyone who would like to read more about these two incredible memorials.

Below are some pics from my stay in Arras and from both visits today. Video not quite working like I wanted it to so will work on that.

Beautiful architecture in Arras

Beautiful architecture in Arras

Poppy in field on the way to Beaumont Hamel

Poppy in field on the way to Beaumont Hamel

Caribou memorial at Beaumont Hamel

Caribou memorial at Beaumont Hamel

For some reason, my other pictures don’t want to upload. I’ll get some albums posted on facebook once I’m back home. Off to bunk now cause we have a long day tomorrow to get from Arras to Edinburgh. Yikes!!!

3 Responses to Je suis en France!

  1. Nicole

    Can’t wait to see all the pictures. I can only imagine how amazing it was to be there!!

  2. Amy Foley

    I remember Vimy Ridge well…very amazing to experience.

  3. Valerie Francis

    The war memorials really do tug at the heart. Actually, so does the poppy.

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