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Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument

Posted by on 5 September, 2013

Just a wee short drive from Edinburgh lies the original capital of Scotland. There’s no doubt this city is strategically located and like Edinburgh Castle, the one in Stirling is at a vantage point allowing an incredible view.

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We landed around lunch time and decided to see if we could leave our luggage and car at our pre-booked accomodation, The Old Tram House. Our hostess, Alison, was so welcoming and this was a fabulous place to stay. I highly recommend this guest house if you’re ever in Stirling.

IMG_8106Now, on to the castle. The view from the battlements is stunning and just across the way you can see the William Wallace Monument proudly thrusting upward against a colourful mountain backdrop.

IMG_8228The castle itself is very well maintained and if you plan to visit, allow for at least three hours to explore all the nooks and crannies this wonderful castle has to offer. There are restorations underway in some areas and a fantastic display of some of the carved wooden heads which used to grace the ceiling of the King’s Outer Hall where people of social standing could wait to be selected to gain an audience with the king.

Some of my favourite parts of the castle include the great hall, heads display, kitchen display (I have a video of it and will try to upload it at some point when I figure out how), and tapestry studio where they’re recreating the unicorn tapestries which were displayed at Stirling Castle.

IMG_8039But the best moment was when I found my knight in shining armour. Oh yeah baby!!! Every girl needs a knight right?

The Wallace Monument is definitely worth the gasping for breath and burning lungs I endured to climb from the interpretation centre to the monument and then all the steps to the top. There are three levels with information in them about William Wallace and also a Hall of Heroes containing busts of prominent people in Scottish history.

The steps inside the monument wind all the way up to the top and are not for the faint of heart or for anyone suffering from vertigo or a fear of heights. The wind is strong at the top so hold on to sommat. But it’s worth it in order to see the city below. Breathtaking in more ways than one.

I learned oodles during my stay in Stirling. Highly recommend a visit to this beautiful city. The people are warm, food is good, and the history is rich. What more could you ask for?

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  1. Nancy

    “proudly thrusting”
    You just can’t hold back, can you?

  2. Nancy


  3. Amy Foley

    So I looked at the picture and thought…man that knight is talllllllll…then I realized that he was standing on something…me nerves…lol

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