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Bound to the Highlander: Winner of 2013 TARA Award – Historical

Posted by on 24 September, 2013

Well last week certainly was a big one. I revealed my cover and won a contest! Why aren’t all weeks like that I ask you? Then again, isn’t there something about the harder the climb or some such adage? Anyway. The only thing I’m sure of is it was a damned fine week.

So here’s the story of the contest. Waaaaay back in January and long before I had any clue BTTH was going to get picked up by Irish publisher Tirgearr, I selected and entered a bunch of contests. I did this primarily to get a broad spectrum of feedback and hopefully glean how far away I might be from publication. Yeah, my scores came back crazy high and crazy low. Seriously one judge practically told me to stop writing. o_O

But again, me=dog+bone, I wasn’t giving up unless they ALL said that. And the majority loved it so I trodded along. When I had polished the novel to within an inch of my life I sent it off to some publishers and Tirgearr bit first. The rest is history. Now here comes the really interesting part. I have a point I’m getting to, I swear to God I do.

BTW, for those of you who don’t know, Tampa Area Romance Authors (TARA) is a chapter of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and they often hold contests for emerging writers and uncontracted manuscripts to help writers get their work in front of an editor. Where was I? Oh right. So the deadline for TARA was May 1st and because I didn’t sign my contract until later in May, I still qualified becasue at the time of entry I had no idea I was less that three weeks away from a contract.

In July I learned that I had finaled, and I thought how sweet is that! Great timing and woohoo, shake ya money maker. I wiggled and giggled all over the place, never thinking the contest and timing gods had a further surprise in store for me. Last Tuesday, while sipping a lovely Cali cab to celebrate my cover reveal, I received an email saying I’d won the TARA. Oh there was wiggling and giggling that would have put Jell-O to shame. Oh yeah! Ahem, sorry, I do get a little carried away.

Right. So yay! BTTH is an award winning novel. My stupid grin has been plastered on my face for over a week and my jaws are starting to hurt, but that’s ok. Nothing a little more wine won’t help.

Here’s the link to the contest winners and finalists page. It really is a big deal just to final in a contest like this so huge congrats to all the finalists and winners of this year’s TARA. Well done!! And big hats off to the TARA chapter for hosting the contest year after year, the coordinators who volunteer oodles of their time, and the judges who read and provide exceptional feedback on submissions.

Here’s the linky. 2013 TARA Conest Winners

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  1. Valerie Francis

    Ahem, I’m proud to introduce my friend, the award winning novelist, Ms. Kate Robbins. 😀 Hooya!

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