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Blog Tour: Mixin’ it Up!

Posted by on 18 October, 2013

Me: Julia! Look over there! Julia: No way you're getting your hands on my sword.

Me: Julia! Look over there!
Julia: No way you’re getting your hands on my sword.

Yesterday, I was interviewed by my fellow Romance Writers of America (RWAC) author, Julia Phillips Smith at The Pop Culture Divas as part of the Spooky Stories Author Series. Though my Highland Chiefs series is romance, there’s mention of the paranormal as befitting the era so we explored that aspect of the series.

I met Julia Phillips Smith through RWAC and we hit it off immediately. Indie writer of dark fantasy novels Bound by Dragonsfyre and Saint Sanguinus, Julia can also be found blogging at A Piece of My Mind and fighting dragons. 🙂 My favourite moment with Julia at our RWAC workshop in Halifax in June, was when the combat instructor pulled out his claymore. Not sure who gasped louder or who barrelled around the table faster to get her hands on it, Julia – or me.

I had a lot of fun with this interview I must say. Put me right in the mood to decorate the house for Halloween this weekend.


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