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Promised to the Highlander Release Date!

Posted by on 23 January, 2014

What do you do when the one you need is the one you cannot have?

So excited to share that the second book in my Highland Chiefs series, Promised to the Highlander, will be released by Tirgearr Publishing on May 30th, 2014! I loved every second of writing this book and cannot wait to share it. The hero, Fergus MacKay, has been my fave in the series since James MacIntosh first encountered him in Bound to the Highlander.

For those of you who have read BTTH, you know there’s a strong bond between James and Fergus. In Promised to the Highlander, I’ve had the opportunity to go back to the day they met which was oodles of fun because it meant I could spend some time with James again. I’m now writing book three in the series, Enemy of the Highlander. Fergus has made a cameo and I’m thinking James might too. I’m really having a hard time letting these heroes go aren’t I?

Next Friday, January 31st, I will reveal the gorgeous cover for Promised to the Highlander, but for now, please enjoy the blurb and an excerpt.

Promised to the Highlander, Blurb

Nessia Stephenson’s world was safe until a threat from a neighbouring clan forces her to accept a betrothal to a man whose family can offer her the protection she needs. The real threat lies in her intense attraction to the man who arranged the match—the clan’s chief and her intended’s brother, Fergus MacKay.

When powerful warlord Fergus MacKay arranges a marriage for his younger brother, William, he has no idea the price will be his own heart. Fergus is captivated by the wildly beautiful Nessia, a woman he can never have.

When the feud between the MacKay and Sutherland clans escalates, Nessia, William, and Fergus all must make sacrifices for their future. Longing and loss, honour and duty. How can love triumph under such desperate circumstances?

Promised to the Highlander, Excerpt

“Thomas! Welcome. We thought we’d have to send out a search party soon,” Fergus said as the stout man turned the corner leading into the great hall.

“Aye, the road was a bit rough with a wagon in tow,” Thomas said. The man’s brow was streaked with sweat and he looked weary from his travels.

“We’ve had a lot of rains this harvest there’s no doubting that,” Fergus said. In truth he would have gone searching himself had another hour passed. Earlier that day he’d heard more rumours about Ronan Sutherland. Apparently, the lad had agreed to his father’s suggestion and would commence his campaign in the coming days.

Fergus sensed William stiffen beside him as Thomas began the introductions.

“Fergus, William, this is my brother Neville and these three are my sons, Colin, Robert, and Camden my youngest. And this is my daughter, Nessia.”

Fergus acknowledged each man in turn. When the introduction came to the girl and his gaze fell on her, his breath caught in his throat. Coal black hair and crystal blue eyes stood proud before him with all the regal confidence of a noblewoman. She displayed no fear or reservation at all, something which was unusual in most men he met, but was most unusual in a woman. The gentler sex usually cowered before him. Not this lass.

Fergus stared back at the girl. His heart thudded hard inside his chest. It felt like someone had punched him in the gut. He had to force himself from moving toward her to touch her silky hair, surely it couldn’t be real. Fergus remembered his brother then and tore his gaze from her to find William standing there with his jaw wide open. An unexpected pang ran through him. When he turned back it was to find her still staring at him, unabashed at staring openly at a man. A bold one, then. Fergus’s brow furrowed in confusion. What did she want?

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  1. Linda

    You are an amazing author and I am so glad I found you and your books. Thanks for the ride!

  2. Nina Mason

    Fergus. Fergus. Fergus. I’m starting the chant. Fergus. Fergus. Fergus.

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