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Time Keeps on Ticking…

Posted by on 3 December, 2012

Pen and ink purchased from Edinburgh Castle gift shop, August 2011.

Pen and ink purchased from Edinburgh Castle gift shop, August 2011.

One of the hardest things about being a nighttime/weekend writer is actually carving out dedicated time needed to build and maintain momentum.

It doesn’t take much to upset the apple cart and once it’s tipped, it’s brutal to right it again. So before I realized it, this fall was gone and my only accomplishment was a polished submission for the Golden Heart contest which is organized by Romance Writers of America (RWA). I’d hoped to have a perfectly polished full manuscript ready to ship off to publishers bright and early in the new year, but that’s not happening. My new goal is to have it super shiny by the end of January.

Back to carving out time, I have found this school year particularly difficult on my writing schedule. Maybe it’s because the boys are in more activities apart, maybe it’s because they stay up later now they’re older. Either way, I’m not getting the same opportunity to write during the week and the weekends are a total bust.

I even negotiated a schedule with my family to squeeze in time between all their activities. Then November happened, and between one thing or another, here I am on December 3 no closer to solving this.


I guess you could say I’m in a funk for the first time in four years of writing. I know I need to get at it. My mental health demands it, but somehow I just can’t get my BICHOK!!! 🙁

I hope that updating my site and writing some new blog posts might jump start some motivation. I hope.

4 Responses to Time Keeps on Ticking…

  1. Heidi

    I’m glad you’re saying end of January for polishing that manuscript. If November was crazy busy, just imagine December! Good luck!

    • katerobbins

      Thanks Heidi! Yes, this month isn’t going to be very productive either. Looking forward to immersing myself into the post-Christmas blahs in January.

  2. kathryn jennex (@northernchick)

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, there’s a lot on the go! I remember your good advice to me: Write something every day. And right now, for you, that may just be blogging! You’re doing a great job! Carry on 🙂

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