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Romance Weekly

Posted by on 11 March, 2014

For those of you joining us from previous weeks, welcome back! For those of you just joining in, welcome to Romance Weekly where each week a bunch of us authors will answer the same three questions and you get to hop around from blog to blog and learn a little more about us. πŸ™‚ This week’s questions are brought to you by J J Devine, the letter Q, and the number 7. πŸ˜‰ Ready? Let’s do this.

1.When someone finds out you’re an author, how do you handle the statement, β€œI have a story you should write”?

I’ve been asked this question and I admit the stories that have been suggested to me are fantastic. However, with my limited time, I wouldn’t be able to get to it for months if not years. Instead of taking the project on, I’ve encouraged the person to perhaps consider writing it themselves. After all, if they’ve had an idea for a story, they’ve already experienced that spark required to drive you forward. Like the Nike commercial says, “Just do it”.

2.Do you write what you read?

Yes. And I read far more besides. I have been reading since before I started school and my preferences have changed over time. There was my teenage romance years, my Stephen King phase, my Stephen R Donaldson phase, my book club pics. Throughout the years, I have consistently read romance, though. And while I’ve read more historicals than any other sub genre, I thoroughly enjoy a good contemporary as well.

But back to the question. I write Scottish historicals and it’s a good fit for me because I do read and thoroughly enjoy stories featuring hot Highlanders and feisty lassies.

3. People often mistake the lifestyle of a writer as glamorous, give us the scoop, what about your lifestyle would shock your readers?

Excuse me while I call to my butler. He might be a better one to answer that question. πŸ˜‰ “Jeeves. Jeeves! So hard to find good help these days.”

I don’t know if anything about me would shock anyone because I’m a bit of an open book. (See what I did just there? Nevermind) I have a day job and so I write at night and on the weekends. I have three man-things (man beast and two man cubs) in my house and so trying to deal with a never ending supply of testosterone always makes for interesting times. So I’m pretty flat out all time. What would shock you? Hmmmm.

This is a really hard question because I think I’m a bit of a safety girl. I’m the type who will walk back and forth through the roped off queue even if there’s no one there. Normal people will just duck under the rope. Me? I trust that rope is there for a good reason. Who am I to question it? That’s like “Queue starts here” lines. I mean why would anyone step beyond the line? It’s not a foot this way or that. So stay behind the line dammit! Wow that was liberating. What was the question again? πŸ˜‰

Ok, that’s it for me this week. Now it’s time to hop on over to Ronnie Allen’s blog and see how she answered the same questions. Until next week! Have a good one!

12 Responses to Romance Weekly

  1. sarahhegger

    Let’s hear it for a Stephen R Donaldson phase – done that too. Did you ever have an Ann McCaffrey phase. I did. Big time. When I grow up that F’lar is mine

  2. Harliqueen

    Great answers, made me chuckle πŸ˜€

  3. Amy Jarecki

    Can I have a Jeeves too? LOL

  4. kimhandysides

    I heard Nora has a Jeeves…. πŸ˜‰

  5. VampWereZombie

    Oh my! I had a vision of a roped off queue and walking the ropes. LOL! Then I envisioned Shrek and him walking right through them. I’ve always wanted to do that.

    • katerobbins

      OMG that scene really, really freaks me out. I’m the guy with the oversized Farquhar headpiece running back and forth like a lunatic. πŸ™‚

  6. Carrie Elks

    I loved your answers, they made me grin. And so much testosterone at home, not to mention with Jeeves. Send him over when you’re finished with him please …

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