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Backstage Pass: Bound to the Highlander

Posted by on 8 March, 2014

My local TV station interviewed me this week for their arts segment, Backstage Pass. My voice was a little rough, but I think it went well. 🙂

Check it out.

Backstage Pass

6 Responses to Backstage Pass: Bound to the Highlander

  1. Linda Abbott

    A great interview. Y0u looked really calm and seemed to enjoy yourself. fantastic job.

    • katerobbins

      Thanks Linda! It put all that back to Amanda. She did a really great job of helping me look at it as just a chat. I wasn’t nervous doing the interview, but just about shook apart while waiting for it to air Wednesday evening.

  2. Janice Hougland

    It was a FANTASTIC interview, Kate! I don’t think your voice was rough at all. And how smart of you to do the research about digital publishing so that you could get your book “out there” asap and not fool around wasting time trying to get a traditional publisher to let your book out where readers could enjoy it. Smart gal you are! I haven’t started reading Bound to the Highlander yet, but it’s on my “next to read” on my Kindle!

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