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Heart’s Ease Heroes: An Interview with Jack Walsh

Posted by on 8 April, 2014

Hard As Ice, Victoria Barbour

Hard As Ice, Victoria Barbour

Day two of my interviews with all four heroes from Victoria Barbour’s hot new Heart’s Ease contemporary romance series set in outport Newfoundland. Read on and meet the hero from book two in the series, Hard As Ice. AND, Victoria will be giving away a copy of each book from the comments left on each post. So tell us what you think of her heroes and her books!

Today I’m hosting one of the best defencemen in the NHL. Even if he is taking a break right now. Jack Walsh, come in and make yourself at home.

KR: Where are you from?

JW: Heart’s Ease, Trinity Bay.

KR: What do you do for a living?

JW: I’m a hockey player. And I’m dabbling in something else but I’d sooner your readers discover that for themselves.

KR: Fair enough. What do you like about Heart’s Ease?

JW: My family. And my house. And the great outdoors.

KR: What do you wish was different?

JW: About Heart’s Ease? Absolutly nothing. I think it’s damn near perfect.

KR: I would have to agree. 🙂 Is there someone special in your life?

JW: Daphne Scott is more than special to me. She’s everything.

KR: Awwwww. What do you like best about her?

JW: Her impulsiveness. There’s nothing she could do that would surprise me anymore. Let’s just say, she’s unstoppable when she gets an idea.

KR: What drives you nuts about her?

JW: Her impulsiveness. 😉

KR: What’s the worst thing your author has done to you?

JW: Let’s see. She’s given me a concussion. That was pretty bad. She’s nearly broken my heart. That sucked. But perhaps the worst thing she ever did was force me to go to this nightclub in Miami. Yea. That was the worst.

KR: She’s been brutal to you, but she did give you a great lady. 🙂 Who should play you in the movie adaptation of his novel?

JW: That’s a question for Daphne. I really have no idea. Can I call her? Hold on.

“Daph. If they were to make a movie about us, who’d play me?”

“Oh. Hahahhaha. Alright. Okay.”

She says she wants Chris Hemsworth to play me. But I think she has a god complex.

KR: Mmmmmm, Thor. What were we talking about again? Oh right. What impression do you want to leave with readers?

JW: Don’t let a silly thing like logistics or reason stand in your way. If you want to be with someone, be with them. If you want to do something outside your box, do it. If your heart is in it, the rest will follow.

Thank you so much for dropping by Jack!! Tune in tomorrow everyone when I get to interview Dillon O’Dea from Play Me.

Hard As Ice, Blurb

The first time Daphne Scott met hunky hockey superstar Jack Walsh, she was hungover and more than a little irritable. Still, it was hard to deny that he was hotter than Adonis—even if he did know it.

The second time Jack met the sexy Scottish beauty Daphne, he had a concussion and wanted nothing more than to get home to Heart’s Ease so he could recover. He didn’t expect the ice queen to become his best medicine.

A whirlwind romance at the Heart’s Ease Inn seems like the best prescription for them both. Until the real world creeps in, forcing them to learn that making a long-distance relationship work is harder than either imagined. When their careers threaten to put half a world between them, they must make a choice. Have they taken on a task harder than the very ice he skates on?

Want to know more about Victoria Barbour? Here’s where you can find her online.


Victoria Barbour

Victoria Barbour

Victoria Barbour

Victoria lives on the island of Newfoundland, and is fiercely proud of her home. She can imagine no better setting for her works, and hopes that her readers will one day come to witness Newfoundland and Labrador’s rustic beauty for themselves. When she’s not writing, or trying to convince people to visit her home, she’s busy with her day-to-day life as a mother, wife, and marketing communications specialist.

She was born in St. John’s, and raised above her family’s fish and chips restaurant. She has traveled and lived in other parts of Canada, but chose to make her home where her heart has long resided. Victoria has a degree in History from Memorial University of Newfoundland, with a minor in Newfoundland Studies. The only thing that stands between her and a Master’s degree in History from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia is her thesis. She has a background in broadcast journalism, advertising, and marketing. She is a proud member of both the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and their affiliate chapter, Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada (RWAC).

Victoria counts herself lucky to be surrounded by an incredibly supportive family, and thanks her husband daily for his unerring faith in her, and for being a wonderful father to their infant son.

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