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Spring Fling Blog Hop: Who’s Ready to Shed the Winter?

Posted by on 21 April, 2014

Spring Fling Blog Hop

Spring Fling Blog Hop

Welcome to the Spring Fling Blog Hop! Over fifty authors and bloggers have joined together to bring you some amazing posts, great giveaways and lots of fun! Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter to win a Kindle tablet, gift cards, paperbacks and swag and be sure to check out the other blogs taking part at the end of this post.

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When I say it’s been a winter I would sooner forget, I have never been more serious in my life. Frigid temps began around early November in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. And they stayed–which is rare for us. At first I thought, shure this will make for a lurvly Christmas. And Christmas came. And it was lurvly. But then the cold continued and the snow kept coming and coming.

Before long folks were setting up heat lamps in their living rooms and putting on sunscreen just to pretend Old Man Winter wasn’t having his wicked way with us. Arse! *shakes fist at sky*

Siesta Key, Florida

Siesta Key, Florida

So where am I while writing this post? Why sunny Florida of course. When I started planning this family vacation a year ago, I had no idea how much our family would need this heat based holiday. When I return home next week I will have to put my socks and long johns back on, but at least I will have memories of what heat feels like…

And maybe, just maybe I’ll wear my bathing suit underneath my clothes and entice spring to finally arrive in Newfoundland.

Has spring arrived where you are? Tell me your best winter-woe story and I’ll select from the comments below for your chance to win a signed print copy of Bound to the Highlander. πŸ™‚ Sending warm thoughts your way! xx

Here’s who’s taking part in the blog hop. Many others are giving away individual prizes too so check it out! πŸ™‚

24 Responses to Spring Fling Blog Hop: Who’s Ready to Shed the Winter?

  1. Victoria Barbour

    You might get away without the Long John yet, my dear. It’s been a balmy plus one or two the whole while you’ve been away. Well, except for that time it went to minus seven. But let’s not dwell on that. As for my winter-woe story, that’s simple. It was the ruination of my hubby’s 40th birthday extravaganza. Back in January we had a whole weekend of events planned (card games, party, sliding, board games) and lo and behold, that’s the weekend the arse fell out of her. It started with rolling blackouts, cumulated in a province wide power outage that had some folks in the dark for days. And during it all, our parties came and went without notice. We’re going to reschedule for the summer. πŸ™‚ PS: Please don’t enter me in your draw. I’m one of the lucky ones who already has a signed copy of the best Medieval Scottish historical out there…. till Promised arrives. πŸ˜‰

    • katerobbins

      Lordy, I remember that. That’s a woe indeed lassie. And we will certainly make up for it when summer arrives that single day in August. πŸ˜‰

  2. Viki Lyn

    Oh boy, I’m not sure I have a winter woe story. First, I’m a native Californian and my playground was the Bay Area – no harsh winters there. Now I’m in Arizona where winter is why we live here! So I guess my worst winter woe story has to be when I was in London, a stopover as we were flying home from a trip to Egypt. After spending three weeks in warm, bordering on hot days and balmy nights, we got stranded in London because my husband contacted bronchitis. Well, London is a great city, love it, but not in November with only summer clothes packed in my suitcase!

  3. Samantha Holt

    Well for a change, we have sunshine in miserable ol’ Britain–even in Scotland! We had very little spring or summer last year so it makes a nice change πŸ™‚ I’m sure it won’t last but without miserable weather, us Brits would have nothing to talk about! Thanks for taking part in the hop!

  4. Tina Williams

    My best winter woe story is as a student who, after visiting a friend in Leeds and spending a lovely weekend together, I got on the train bound for Birmingham, only to have it stop dead on account of the awful snowy weather, for 4 hours before it got moving again. There was no power at all so no hot drinks and it soon got freezing. No a journey I’d like to repeat, but I guess I got off lightly compared to some!

  5. sharon frizell

    beautiful day here in newfoundland , snow all gone .temp going reach 5, its been one long winter and maybe just maybe we can put away our long johns,

    • katerobbins

      It’s 5 in NL!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! Hope it keeps up until I get home and beyond. Snow all gone? Please lie to me if you have to . πŸ™‚

  6. kimmyl

    I’m in Missouri and it ha finally started warming up here. The first weekend with no cold front, snow or rain. Had a great Easter and the kids actually got to go out and play!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!

  7. Joye

    I would have welcomed some of your cold weather this year here in the deserts of Arizona. We had an unusually warm winter with no freeze days. Thus, the plants that make us sneeze and our eyes run did not freeze and have caused us all kinds of allergies.

    • katerobbins

      Ok, yes, you have me there. I suffer from Spring allergies so you’re right, I didn’t have to deal with any of that. πŸ™‚

  8. Jeanette (jeannie) platt

    Well I don’t really have a horrible winter story… As I live in North Carolina.. However I can tell ya that I do not like how much the weather has gone from warm to cold this year…Everyone in my house kept getting sick because Mother Nature was drunk and couldn’t decide if she wanted to wear snowboots or flipflops… Me personally I like my flipflops. Thank you for being part of the hop.

  9. Tammy Turner

    Im not sure if it is just a short story….or if I should write a book about this years winter woes! Im not usually one to complain and I usually roll with the punches but this winter here in Illinois seemed like it truly was never going to end! I think the worst part of it however was the extreme cold temps we were dealing with. It was so cold the kids couldn’t even enjoy their snow days because 2 mins outside and they had to run back in. They even tried to go sledding once but after a half hour were back at the house for hot chocolate and their faces were bright red from the extreme cold! Ugh the cabin fever was driving us all nuts!

    Im glad you are in this blog hop. Highland romances are my absolute favorites, then historicals, then paranormal! I got addicted to Highlanders thanks to Hannah Howell and have gone nuts since.

    • katerobbins

      Hey Tammy!!! We had unusually cold weather too. The whole winter was much longer and much colder than what we’re used to. Hopefully spring has sprung now in Illinois! πŸ™‚

  10. bn100

    kind of; don’t really have any stories to share

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  11. Brandi Dagwan

    I live in Massachusetts & our winters suck sometimes! We got a bunch of snow & just when one batch finally starts to melt, we get hit with another storm! It’s been getting up into the 50’s & slowly tryin to creep into the 60’s but the nights are still pretty cold! I was finally able to break out my flip flops last week, & after 2 days of wearing them, the 3rd day,…. it freakin snowed!! It melted right away & I had to go out in the mornin & I was like “No way! I’m still wearing my flip flops today!! Winter is supposed to be gone!!” lol. I’m just glad it wasnt too cold on Sunday because our church had an easter egg hunt! =) So winter is still trying to hang on here as much as it can, but it needs to let Spring come now lol.

    Thank you for this giveaway! =)

    I hope you have a great week!

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  12. Tina B

    Glad you got to visit our nice sunny state! πŸ™‚
    I currently live in Florida and have been here for about 10 years. I LOVE it!
    I have many winter woe stories, but none this winter. πŸ˜‰
    I lived in Pennsylvania, the Pocono Mts, so I was used to the winter. There were many times that the power went out and we had to use kerosene heaters to keep warm.
    The worst is when you are sleeping, realize that the temperature has dropped and have to freeze half to death to get the fire going again.
    I hope your Spring gets warmer!
    trb0917 at gmail dot com

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