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Promised to the Highlander Ebook Launch!!

Posted by on 19 May, 2014

Promised to the Highlander, Highland Chiefs book two

Promised to the Highlander, Highland Chiefs book two

Sooooooooo freaking excited that in just ten days, Promised to the Highlander will be let loose upon the world. I loved every second of writing this book. The hero is by far my favourite in the series and I can’t wait for you to meet him. Fergus is all that! LOL

As part of the launch I’m hosting a facebook party and have a rafflecopter set up to help give away some prizes. 🙂 AND for the entire month of June, Bound to the Highlander is on sale for 99 cents!!! So come join the party and be sure to enter to win!!!

Here’s a little snippet from Promised to the Highlander to whet your appetite! 😀 Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter below!

Promised to the Highlander, Excerpt
Tongue, Scotland, October 1429

The whoosh of a blade split the air behind him. Fergus MacKay ducked and turned, unsheathing his broadsword and dirk as an explosion of metal on metal shook the surrounding trees. His attacker strained against his brother William, who was the reason Fergus’s head still rested on his shoulders. Wide, bulging eyes registered defeat as Fergus plunged his dirk into the heart of the man who, moments before, could have sent him straight to hell.

Fergus released a long, hissing breath from between clenched teeth. William kicked the man’s feet from underneath him, dropping him like a sack of cabbages onto the rain-sodden ground. Fergus flicked the man’s sword to the side with his foot. It slid through the mud as he thrust his dirk into his assailant twice more.

As the life force passed out of the man’s body and into the next world, the woods behind them shuddered once and fell silent as if the leaves of the mighty ash held its breath.

Fergus and William stood behind the noisy tavern in the village of Tongue waiting for further movement. William cocked his head and Fergus leaned in close to listen. The only sound was the usual din and ruckus of the locals filling their gullets with too much ale.

Fergus returned his attention to the dead man. He wore a well-tailored plaid and brooch pin marked Sans Peur—Without Fear. Sutherland. Possibly. Fergus had enemies enough who weren’t above switching identifying markings to blame one another for attacks on him. That was a risk a man had to live with when he could count more foes than friends.

No sense in waiting for the next in line to take his attacker’s place. Fergus pointed to the body and to William’s horse. His brother nodded and hoisted the corpse face-down as the horse snorted and shifted in protest. Fergus and William mounted and retreated into one of the many hidden paths leading away from the establishment.

“’Tis a good thing I don’t listen to you,” William said, shaking his head. “If I hadn’t come back to check, it might be your body I carry.”

Fergus clapped William hard on the back. “Aye. A good thing indeed.” Ever since their father had been killed several years ago, Fergus looked upon William as more of a son than a brother despite the mere four years between them. The lad had more than come into his own in the past year and with it reared a fierce independence.

This was one time Fergus was grateful for William’s defiance. He’d been told to stay at MacKay House to keep an eye on their younger sister, Freya. That lass had a penchant for finding trouble.

“Who was that fellow anyway?” William asked.

“No one of any consequence. Let’s just say we didn’t see eye to eye.” Fergus had almost gotten used to cowardly attacks like this, but he wasn’t about to worry William with the knowledge that he and the assailant hadn’t been acquainted.

“Eye to eye indeed. Any man who would slay you whilst you take a piss is no one I would consider a friend or honourable.” William grinned. “To home then?”

Fergus’s guts clenched. Phrased that way, the situation was no more comforting. “Aye, to home.”

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9 Responses to Promised to the Highlander Ebook Launch!!

  1. Sue Doring

    SIgned up already!! Looking forward to the party. The last few have been loads of fun!

  2. Maria McNamara

    Can’t wait!!

  3. leahluvsmedieval

    I’ll miss it….will be working, but will be there in spirit. Congratulations on your new release! 🙂

    • katerobbins

      Be sure to enter the rafflecopter though! You can still win some great prizes even if you can’t attend the actual event. 🙂

  4. Sue-Ellen Welfonder (@SE_Welfonder)

    Super excited to celebrate with you!! Can’t wait to read the book! Know it’ll be another winner!! 🙂

  5. Nina Mason

    Finished the book last night. Loved it!!! My review is up on Goodreads.

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