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Promised to the Highlander: The Final Countdown

Posted by on 29 May, 2014

In t-minus 24 hours my second book will launch into cyberspace. Acutally, too bad it’s not a sci-fi novel as that would have been an awesome analogy wha? 😀 Ahem…anyhoo, as I was saying, bright and early tomorrow morning Promised to the Highlander will be live on Amazon. There’s so many emotions rolling around inside me right now it’s hard to stay focused on any one thing. Oh look, A PEANUT!

Really, it’s not safe inside my head right now. LOL

Right. Focus, Debbie, focus. On Friday evening I’ll be hosting a facebook launch party and the prize list is off da hook! Seriously you really should enter the rafflecopter (at bottom of this post) and stop by the party as there’s sooo much you can win.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a moment between Fergus and Nessia I particularly love. I put these characters through so much, but they stepped up every time. I hope you enjoy this excerpt and I hope you enjoy Promised to the Highlander.

Promised to the Highlander, Excerpt

“Well Fergus,” Freya said, hands on her hips. “Are you going to dance with your new sister or not?”

There was no way he would have suggested it himself, though it was proper. Now it was said, he had to follow through or risk insulting her. Christ, give him strength.

Fergus pushed his chair back and took a deep breath. He locked eyes with Nessia and took the three steps necessary to reach her. Her eyes grew wide and her jaw slacked, drawing her mouth open. She looked frightened. He reached out his hand as William frowned.

“Will you do me the honour of a dance, lass?” Fergus asked, his voice soft. He didn’t want her afraid of him.

William hesitated before releasing his arm from her waist.

“The honour is mine, I’m sure,” she said.

Nessia’s hand reached toward Fergus’s, but before she touched it, she turned to William. “Don’t worry. I’m sure your older brother won’t stare as much as your younger one.”

John’s face turned crimson and William grinned, his shoulders dropping.

The music turned soft as Fergus and Nessia moved to the dance area. He held her at arm’s length as they moved together, yet her pulse quickened against his hand. He wouldn’t touch her at all if he could avoid it. That would be the best way to make it through this dance without hurting his brother.

“I take it you’ve warmed to this arrangement today, as my brother has?”

Nessia smiled. “Aye my lord, I have. Your brother is a wonderful man. I could have done much worse than him.”

“Please don’t call me that.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Call you what?”

“My lord. That was my father. I am Fergus.” He sounded irritated, but he couldn’t help it. Above all else he would not have that kind of formality between them. What did he want? Her in his bed, moaning his name as her pleasure overtook her. His loins tightened.

“Fergus. Thank you for agreeing to this arrangement. My father thinks very highly of you and your family. As I’m sure you understand, I could not be sure of it myself until I arrived here.”

The sound of his name on her lips coiled inside him and he realized his attempt at cooling his thoughts had failed.

“Aye, lass, I do understand. And I’m pleased you both agree to it now.”

Nessia smiled, her countenance holding no trace of hesitation. Her gaze trailed down to his mouth and back up to his eyes again. What was she thinking? He had to know. Caution be damned.

“There was a moment earlier when I thought you would refuse this match. Perhaps you remember? When you first arrived?” Moving together with her in his arms consumed him with a need to know if she felt as he did. He pulled her closer and slid his hand to the small of her back.

Nessia stopped dancing and frowned. “I’m certain I know not of what you mean, Fergus. I am honoured by this betrothal and would do nothing to jeopardize it or hurt your brother.”

Fergus pressed his fingers into her back, pulling her forward. Her heartbeat drummed against his flesh, firing his blood. Her meaning was loud and clear, but it was not the answer he sought. Her chest rose and fell as her lips parted. He wanted to taste her, slip his tongue deep into her mouth and brand her as his. Their bodies pressed tight, his erection strained between them as his hand gripped her waist. William’s arms slipped between them then and he turned Nessia into his body and claimed that which Fergus would never have. By that point they had already stopped dancing and were staring hard into the other’s eyes.

Not long after, the ladies retired. Thank God. What the hell had come over him? Others filtered out of the great hall one by one and soon, only William and Fergus remained in the hall, each staring into a goblet of ale.

“I’m very happy for you William. Truly, I am. I had hoped you’d be pleased with the match, but to see you here today as happy as I know you are is more that I could have hoped for.”

“I am happy Brother and I will make her so in time.” William frowned.

Fergus didn’t quite grasp what he meant and didn’t get a chance to question him before William took his leave. By now he was weary. The lonely night ahead promised only troubled thoughts. He made his way to his bedchamber, stripped and climbed into his empty bed. He heaved a deep sigh and focused on the events of the day. He was unsure of his feelings and how to act around Nessia, but most importantly, he was unsure how to bury those feelings, whatever they were. But bury them, he must—at all costs.

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