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Bound to the Highlander Turns One! #Giveaway

Posted by on 10 October, 2014

Bound to the Highlander, Highland Chiefs book one

Bound to the Highlander, Highland Chiefs book one

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a dream…scratch that. Once upon a time, there was a girl who never thought in a million years anyone would want to read her book. She’s happy to say she was very wrongβ€”it had to happen sometime. *makes note in calendar* πŸ™‚

A year ago today, my debut novel, Bound to the Highlander, was unleashed unto the world. I don’t think I slept for the entire week leading up to it. And what was I doing at the exact moment it went live? Skyping with my brother who was on tour in Afghanistan. He had checked, and sure enough, there ’twas. I recall a moment when we just looked at each other and then a dirty big grin (you know the one–you’ve seen it) spread our across our faces. That was it! The book was live and I couldn’t take it back now.

Bound to the Highlander in print!

Bound to the Highlander in print!

The next few months were a blur between learning about Amazon algorithms and surviving one star reviews. Two huge highlights would have to be the day the print copies of BTTH arrived at my door and the day it hit #1 for Medieval Historical Romance on Amazon dot com. Yup. Definitely moments to savour.

I’ve met many authors in the romance community along the way and they’ve been helpful, gracious, and mostly, passionate about what they do–my kind of people. Whoever said writing is a lonely business has never attended a Facebook launch party. Which brings me to another point, READERS! You are all amazing. I am thrilled that a reader can finish my book and seconds later send me a message! How feckin’ cool is that??

Two bookies in print!

Two bookies in print!

It’s been an incredible year and I can’t even imagine what the next one will bring. Well I can imagine a couple of things, like sitting on a panel with six other amazing authors in Palm Springs next September. Oh and then there’s book three of this series coming out in November. Those two are definites, but everything else is a moving target and that’s the way I like it.

So, in honour of BTTH’s birthday, I am giving away a signed print set of Bound to the Highlander and the second in the series, Promised to the Highlander, which is hot off the printing press itself! What do you have to do? Leave me a comment here. I’ll select a winner tomorrow. Now where’s the champagne?

43 Responses to Bound to the Highlander Turns One! #Giveaway

  1. debloumac

    Congratulations Kate. I didn’t realize you had only been at writing for such a short time. I love your books and the print covers are just beautiful. Now that #3 is soon to be released, just wondering what is your next step.

    • katerobbins

      Next up for me is the novella for two awesome characters from Bound to the Highlander. Gwen and Calum need their story told–seriously they’re driving me nuts. I hope to have a first draft written by Christmas and release it some time in the new year. Wish me luck!

  2. cynthia kulchyski

    Congrats now i can say i knew you when

  3. Linda Abbott

    Hi Kate. the one year anniversary is really something to celebrate, especially when it does well and reaches #1. As a fellow writer I’m thrilled for you and hope that the second and third installments do just as well or even better. Good luck and best wishes.

  4. Liz

    Woohoo Kate!! Isn’t life grand!!!

  5. Georgiana Harding

    Great job in the last year.
    Wonderful seeing those plaids in print.

  6. holly


  7. Linda

    I am anxiously waiting for November for your next book. If only you could be clone so you could write faster. Never doubt yourself, your so talented.

  8. Michelle Van Riper

    Congrats!! Bound to the Highlander is the first highlander book I got my mom hooked on – now she’s reading other highlander books. What have I done!!! lol Good thing I read them before she does since when ever I give her books – she gives them away to other readers. Keep the books coming! πŸ™‚

  9. Cathy Phillips

    Hi Kate! It’s hard to imagine that it has just been a year. Congratulations on a great one!

  10. Joye

    So glad your book is available. It sounds like the kind I really enjoy. I like the cover..

  11. Triudy Miner

    So happy for you! The covers are fantastic! I’d love to win these books too, please, please (I think I read the first but can’t check as my computer is out for repair but if I did, it was great).

  12. Amanda

    Congratulations! Your journey is incredible & inspiring!! Unfortunately, I’m just now discovering your work, but I suppose it’s better late than never. πŸ˜› I wish you all the best with your current/future projects!! πŸ™‚

    • katerobbins

      Thanks so much Amanda! I just hope the well doesn’t run dry any time soon as I am having way too much fun with all of this. πŸ™‚

  13. lisa

    Thank you for a great series of books.

  14. lisascrapbooker

    Congratulations on your anniversary and I am wishing you MANY more! I have not read your books, I have the first one on my Kindle, but the TBR list is longer than there is time the day. You are next on the list though. πŸ™‚ Have fun with the writing and enjoy your journey!

  15. Pam

    I think it is wonderful when a persons dream is fulfilled. The best part is we get to share and enjoy your dream as well. Thanks for pursuing your dream and blessing us with the results. Hope you have many more wonderful books in you!

  16. Julie Duffy

    Happy birthday Bound to the Highlander. All the best for a great series.

  17. suekey12

    I really enjoy highlander setting. I think I’d enjoy yours, too. Thanks for the drawing.

  18. Tracy Yeanish

    Congratulations, I’d be honored to read your first two books, and drool for #3 to be released…

  19. madammim1955

    Congratulations…very pretty cover and I love the brooch…

  20. Sally Turner

    How wonderful! I love Highlander books.

  21. Maggie Stickles

    Kate-Congratulations on your books. I’m eagerly trying to obtain both books from B&N as my birthday present to myself. The 12th was the big day. I’ve read so many great comments about your books that I’m beside myself.

    Best of luck with your future books!

  22. katerobbins

    And the winner is Joye!!!!! Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments! Happy Highlander reading!

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