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Countdown to #scrollsofcridhe #newrelease – ONE MORE DAY!

Posted by on 16 November, 2014

Long, long ago, in the time before time, seven sisters were called from the far reaches of the realm. Each brought unique talents, but had one common gift; the ability to weave ageless tales of love and courage. An evil witch coveted their gifts and locked them in a tower, silencing their voices upon threat of death. But the Highlands are enchanted, and magic will not countenance seven pure hearts such as theirs to be lost.

With no one else to hear them, they sang their stories to each other. Fate blew a braw Highland wind to their prison, and the sweet, high timbre of the sisters’ voices enthralled it. The wind gathered close their silver words as it raced past each day, and carried their love and goodness throughout the world…then across the ages.

Today, their words live on in the Guardians of the Cridhe, seven sisters who have sworn to preserve those pure and musical hearts so long as they live. It is said these seven descend from those ancient female bards. Only their words can bear witness to that truth…

Scrolls of Cridhe, Volume 1 - Highland Winds

Scrolls of Cridhe, Volume 1 – Highland Winds

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of this amazing group of ladies. We have bonded over the past few months while creating our stories for our first release. So I’m counting down the days and hours until Monday, November 17th, when Scrolls of Cridhe, Volume 1, Highland Winds goes live!

Colaborating on a project like this means those involved must have mutual respect and an appreciation for one another as people as as creative writers. And we have that in spades.

In chatting with my fellow Guardian sisters, I discovered just how fascinating they are. Love these ladies and I know you will too.

Kathryn Lynn Davis

A Tear for a Memory, Kathryn Lynn Davis

A Tear for a Memory, Kathryn Lynn Davis

Kathryn is such a pleasure and a treasure and a true veteran of the genre. Kathryn is lovely, talented, gracious, and a joy to work with. I am always impressed with her insight and I’ve learned so much from her. It takes a special kind of talent to continue to produce quality fiction over the years. Kathryn has done just that. Kathryn’s contribution to Highland Winds is A Tear for a Memory.

Here’s how she answered my questions. 🙂

My three favorite books are Pride and Prejudice, Penmarric, and Beach Music.

My two favorite authors are Susan Howatch and Pat Conroy.

What inspires me the most to write Scottish historicals is the soft but distinct memory in my heart of a ghost piper in the mist.

WOW, love that imagery Kathryn.

Sue-Ellen Wellfonder

The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie, Sue-Ellen Wellfonder

The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie, Sue-Ellen Wellfonder

Sue-Ellen is also a veteran of the genre and I had the good fortune to meet her last April in Florida at the same time I met Ceci. She is sweet, kind, genuine as the day is long, and incredibly talented. I keep asking myself what I did to earn the great fortune to be in such amazing company. Once you are a friend of Sue-Ellen’s you are there for life. She is a true gift. Sue-Ellen’s contribution to Highland Winds is The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie.

Here’s how she answered my questions. 🙂

What are your three favourite books? Anya Seton’s Katherine, Daphne du Maurier’s Frenchman’s Creek, and M.M. Kaye’s Far Pavilions

Who are your two favourite authors? Guardians of Cridhe and too many others to mention. Will say that I love, love, love Anne Stuart and will pick up anything she pens, even without reading the blurb.

What is the one thing that inspires you the most to write Scottish historicals. Scotland’s indefinable magic.

And that wraps up our countdown! Don’t forget to join us this evening for an epic launch party on facebook!!

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