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Now Where Did I Put My Groove?

Posted by on 6 March, 2015

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a very long time since I updated my site and I think it’s definitely time I got a duff in the arse to get back to it. You always hear how life gets in the way and all that stuff and to a degree that’s true, but sometimes you just need to haul yourself up by your bootstraps and trudge forward again. That’s my wish and it begins by posting here again about my current projects in the hope that I will become more accountable to my goals.

Highland-Chiefs-banner.jpgSo what’s in store for 2015 you ask? Well lots if I can find my groove again. First up is a novella for two minor characters from BTTH who have been bugging me for ages. Gwen and Calum have a fun and romantic story to share with you. I’ve started it. I really have, twice in fact, and I hope this time the words will keep flowing. πŸ™‚

After that it’s time for Angus MacDonald to take centre stage in my life for a while. Book four in my Highland Chiefs series will be the most action packed and politically intriguing to date. I can’t wait to see how Angus and Isobel overcome their many challenges. And I get to plan another big battle which is always fun!

And my third project for this year is a novella for the next volume in the Scrolls of Cridhe series with my amazing Guardian sisters. NO IDEA what I’m writing yet for that one but I do have a couple options and will let that percolate for a while.

Soooo, lots on tap and I just need to get moving. Anyone want to offer their pointy toes to do the kicking? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

5 Responses to Now Where Did I Put My Groove?

  1. sharon frizell

    can’t wait for your next book, kicking you .lol

  2. victoriabarbour

    You know I’ll kick you or give you a helping hand. Whatever you need. Just glad you’re finding your groove again. When you get going, you’re unstoppable!

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