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Romance Weekly

Posted by on 16 June, 2015

For those of you joining us from previous weeks, welcome back! For those of you just joining in, welcome to Romance Weekly where each week a bunch of us authors will answer the same three questions and you get to hop around from blog to blog and learn a little more about us. πŸ™‚ This week’s questions are brought to you by the most fabulous Susan Scott Shelley. πŸ™‚ Ready? Let’s do this.

Susan says, “You’ve been gifted with a super power. Which would you choose? Why?”

Well that’s easy! I want to be gifted with either Subliminal Seduction or Flying. Or maybe a combination of both. Oooooooh, and I need a Psychic Shield. We can pick more than one right? Ok, so I want to be able to fly anywhere I want and subliminally seduce anyone into doing what I want and then use my psychic shield to…well, just to have it. I don’t need a reason do I?

How will I use my powers for good, you ask? Well, I can stop the bad guys from seeing my thoughts as I fly over them and put happy images in their heads. Ok, perhaps I should stick to writing and leave the superheroing to the superheroes. πŸ™‚

Well there you have it. Is it any wonder I am just plain old me and the gods are not so generous with my gifts? Let’s see what Fiona Riplee has to say to that question.

6 Responses to Romance Weekly

  1. Brenda Margriet

    I couldn’t pick just one, either, Kate!

  2. GemmaBrocato

    I want subliminal seduction. That would be an awesome power to have.

  3. Susan Scott Shelley

    This. Post. Is. Awesome. πŸ™‚
    Loved your super powers!

  4. Sharon Frizell

    combo of both ,lol

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