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New Year/New Goals: Down with Resolutions!

Posted by on 13 January, 2016

Hi all! Hope you are all enjoying a resolution free new year so far! As you can probably tell, I don’t believe in resolutions. I think we should strive to do the best we can throughout the year and not just after the holidays. I mean yes we all feel like we have overindulged and need to get back on track. But it happens EVERY YEAR. We don’t need change just in January, we need a healthy body and mind all year ’round. 🙂 That said, I accept the fact that I will indulge during the summer and Christmas. The rest of the year I will try to behave and eat well along with getting a little exercise.

Why is an author going on about healthy eating and resolutions, you ask? Because it’s the key to healthy production as well. Over the last couple of years since first publishing my debut novel, Bound to the Highlander, I have been through many stages. From overindulgence of social media and checking my book rankings on Amazon, to a strict diet of 1000 words a day every day, to months of doing nothing. The key is balance and I now strive for that.

So my promise to myself is to set realistic goals each month and then reassess at the end of each before setting new ones. And I plan to post them here to make me more accountable.

Without further ado, here are my goals for January (yes I know it’s close to half over–better late than never!!)

– Release The Lady’s Portrait as a single title
– Write five chapters in Prisoner of the Highlander
– Begin research on new series.

Cheers everyone and Happy New Year!!!

8 Responses to New Year/New Goals: Down with Resolutions!

  1. Katherine Fleet

    Great goals. Best of luck with them!

  2. Sharon Frizell

    love the site , fabulous picture , good luck on the new book , i will be waiting

  3. Michelle helliwell

    I love the look of it Kate! And I completely agree with having balance – so hard to do. I’ve started getting outside daily – good for my body, my mind, and of course for my writing. Happy New Year!

  4. Toula

    January may be half over but you know what they say….better late than never. Can’t wait for the new book!!! Love the picture. Keep balancing all that you do. Happy New Year!!!

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