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Highland Chiefs: And Then There Were…Eight?

Posted by on 23 October, 2017

Heart of the Highlander, Highland Chiefs, Book 5

When I first started this series a few years ago, I had no idea how it would grow. Oh yes I knew very early on that Fergus MacKay would get his own book, and soon after Ronan Sutherland niggled his way onto the page. But really and truly, beyond that I couldn’t foresee what was to come.

Being a pantser, no one is more surprised than me when a new character emerges who catches my attention enough to say definitively—he’s getting his own book. Well, that happened not one, not two, but three times while writing Heart of the Highlander which is the fifth book in my series and officially releasing on Wednesday. This one is about Rorie MacKenzie and Muren Grey, both of whom you’ve met before. This story just about tore the guts out of me and I can’t tell you why, but you’ll know it when you get to it. It was gruelling to write, but a necessary addition to the bigger story as a whole.

So for those of you who’ve read all the books so far, who do you have to look forward to? Well, pull up a chair and let me tell you. The next book in this series will feature Hugh Fraser, nicknamed The Raven, for his jet black hair and just-as-black heart. Books seven and eight will feature either Iain Grant—a big burly ginger like Tormund from Game of Thrones, or William MacLeod, bit of a dark horse that one. Either way I cannot wait to dig into these highland chiefs and see what makes them tick and most importantly, see how their heroines affect them. Boy do I love it when they discover who they really are, together. I think that’s my favourite part of writing romance—that moment when the individuals realize they are stronger together. Le sigh.

Happy reading everyone and I hope you enjoy Heart of the Highlander. Please do let me know what you think of it.

Kate <3

4 Responses to Highland Chiefs: And Then There Were…Eight?

  1. Lynn

    I’m enjoying this book immensely…

  2. Tina B

    I am currently reading this one and keep hoping that it’s just a dream and Muren will wake up. LOVE this series so far!!

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