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I’m Becoming a Twit

Posted by on 19 February, 2013

One thing I’ve read time and again is if you want to impress a publisher and succeed in this biz, you need an author platform.

I prefer to think writing a good book is the best place to start, but let’s put that aside for a moment. I’ve been disappointed with some wildly popular books and wondered, what’s the appeal here? I wondered if the novel’s success was more about exposure than the quality of the book. Ok, I can buy into a good marketing campaign, but I believe in the whole caveat emptor warning so I take responsibility for my purchases.

Still, it got me thinking, why did I buy that book in the first place? Well, I bought it because Kobo recommended it and the blurb did its job. Again, that’s all marketing. But what else is this author doing that’s so special?

I turned my attention to Twitter. Holy wow, the writing chatter happening over there is hard to keep up with. I looked closer at the kinds of tweets authors offered. Some use it like a facebook status. Ummm, unfollow. I don’t care that you just had a cup of tea. Others spend most of their time retweeting. Yeah, unfollow. Do you not have an original idea? How do you expect me to believe your book is original if you can’t come up with 140 characters of your own? Not so much.

Soon, I came across a few authors who were doing something more interesting. They were talking about writing. They supported other authors they enjoy and they engaged with folks about writing. Bingo.

I’m really new to the Twitterverse. Still trying to find my chops, but I can see the appeal. It’s a great distribution tool, but you know what struck me most? You still need to have a good product to sell or else it’s all just smoke and mirrors.

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