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Strength in Numbers: A Shout Out to my Peeps

Posted by on 20 February, 2013

Up until May of last year, I was pretty lonely writing romance here on the rock. At the time, I knew of no other romance genre writers and so spent most of my research time online seeking nuggets of information to help me construct a publishing friendly manuscript. So I sat in my little pity party most days and pined for some friends.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d met some writers. One in particular became my crit partner and bestie and I wouldn’t want to be on this journey without her, but she’s not writing romance. She’s become my very own defogging machine, though. Loves my Mel. 🙂

In my travels through cyberspace I encountered the Romance Writers of America (RWA) site. Time and again RWA cropped up in articles and on author pages and seemed worth investigating.

At first I found the idea of an association of nearly 10,000 romance writers intimidating. I’m just a little maid from Hatchet Cove and surely not good enough to keep that kind of company. Thankfully, and with a couple of swift kicks in the arse, I got over that.

As a member of RWA I receive regular magazines and emails containing valuable information of the craft and the opportunity to learn from the countless other romance writers who have trod this path before me. I can access contest and conference information strictly for the romance genre and oodles of other learning opportunities.

The best discovery, however, was a chapter of RWA right here in Atlantic Canada. The Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada (RWAC) has over than 30 members, more than half of which are successful career authors. AND, they’re just a skip across the gulf in Halifax.

Almost a year later, I have to say joining RWAC was the best decision I ever made as a writer. I’ve learned a wealth of useful knowledge and have met some incredible people. These phenomenal ladies have held my hand (over cyberspace – no small feat I assure you), talked me off the ledge, guided me, and made me laugh.

I haven’t met anyone outside of Skype yet. Michelle Helliwell and I chat that way often and it’s good, but I’m chomping at the bit to fly up and say hi face to face.

On Writer Wednesday, I just want to say thank-you to RWAC. You’re all amazing and I can’t wait to meet you in person very soon.

RWAC is also on Facebook. Check us out!

4 Responses to Strength in Numbers: A Shout Out to my Peeps

  1. bevp

    So glad you found us, Kate. Look forward to meeting you in person darn soon!

  2. Nikki McIntosh

    We can’t wait to meet you either!!!! You’ve fit in perfectly with the group!!! Love the group tagging today … was lots of fun to visit all the blogs!!!

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