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And the Winners are…

Posted by on 29 April, 2013

Thank you for all your awesome suggestions. I was thrilled to have so many of you pop by and join in the fun. So without further ado, and after much thought, I’ve chosen based on name meanings, how they roll off the tongue, and what my gut says.

Drumroll please.

The character of Lynn in BTTH is Aileana’s personal maid, a lady-in-waiting. Lynn has an interesting back story in that her family had land and title, but squandered it away. As such she is in service to the Iain Chattan’s niece Aileana. Lynn is also a practicing pagan and so that part of her was why I chose Gwendolyn to begin with.

From The Baby Name Wizard: Origin of the name Gwendolyn:

“English variant of the Welsh Gwendolen (fair-browed), a compound name composed of the elements gwen, gwyn (white, fair, blessed)”

Valerie pointed out that I could shorten Gwendolyn to Gwen instead of Lynn and that’s what I’ve decided to do. So Calum just got a new missus. Please allow me to introduce Gwen MacGregor. Valerie, I’ll be in touch about the gift card.

The next one wasn’t easy. I paired many names with the noble Ronan Sutherland and only one could stand up to him.

Shawna tipped me off to The Baby Name Wizard website and on there I found the name Freya. It stuck with me right away and I found myself comparing other names to it.

From The Baby Name Wizard: Origin of the name Freya:

“Feminine form of Frey (lord, he who is foremost), Freya has the definition “lady, mistress, noblewoman.” In Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess of fertility. A daughter of Njord and a sister of Frey, Freya was the most beautiful of the goddesses.”

This fits, especially the fertility part. Can’t tell you why. You’ll have to wait for the book. I’m a wench, I know. πŸ™‚ Please allow me to introduce Freya MacKay. Shawna you win the gift card for this one. πŸ™‚

Thank you again to everyone who stopped by to offer suggestions. This was so much fun, I will definitely do it again.


4 Responses to And the Winners are…

  1. R Mehrotra

    Beautiful names! Good choice.

  2. Shawna

    Woohoo! You secretly loved Beulah, I know.

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