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Highlander Bewitched: A Highland Chiefs Novella

Highlander Bewitched, Kate Robbins

Highlander Bewitched, Kate Robbins

The Highland Chiefs series has produced many characters who have stayed with me long after I’ve typed THE END. Gwen from Bound to the Highlander was such a character and she would not let me rest until she had her own book. I hope you enjoy Highlander Bewitched.

Highlander Bewitched, Blurb

Stripped of her title and wealth at a young age, Gwendolyn MacGregor was put into service for the chief of the Chattan Clan. Determined to embrace her new life, she shed her noble expectations and even her religion. As a pagan wise woman, she developed a gift for channelling nature’s energy and became a contented free spirit in every way—until she meets Calum MacIntosh.

Brother of the great MacIntosh chief, Calum MacIntosh believes virtue is the most important gift a husband and wife can bring to a marriage. He is prepared to join his name with another noble lady when the time is right, until his path crosses with the enchanting lady’s maid, Gwendolyn. Despite his efforts to forget her, he is drawn to her as though an invisible tether connects them.

Caught between longing and duty, Gwen and Calum discover a powerful bond that will not be defined by social expectations or status—and will not be denied.