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On Self Imposed Deadlines: Poking My Head Up

Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted, but I swear I have a good excuse. 🙂 I just finished the second draft of Enemy of the Highlander (EOTH), third book in my Highland Chiefs series. Will be popping that off to beta readers in the coming days and then will submit to my publisher … Continue reading »

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Name the Hero: Win a Prize

UPDATE: I’ve chosen a name. Find out which one stood out here. As most of you already know, I’m writing a Scottish historical series, Highland Chiefs, and am getting ready to publish my second in the series, Promised to the Highlander. I’m half way through the first draft of the third in the series, Enemy … Continue reading »

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Promised to the Highlander Release Date!

What do you do when the one you need is the one you cannot have? So excited to share that the second book in my Highland Chiefs series, Promised to the Highlander, will be released by Tirgearr Publishing on May 30th, 2014! I loved every second of writing this book and cannot wait to share … Continue reading »

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Itineraries and Butter Tablet: Giveaway

Hoppin’ on a plane next Tuesday and starting to feel that buzz. You know, when you’ve ticked most of the stuff off your to-do list, figured out what you’re bringing, and counting down sleeps? Yeah I’m so there.

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Map Test

So while I’m travelling all over Scotland next month, I plan to upload some photos and videos of the various locations on my itinerary, but I’d also like to show you where in the world I am during each post. I have absolutely no idea how to do this, so bear with me, ok?

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Come Away With Me

Just found out I’m heading back over to Scotland next month and thought, since I’ll be doing loads of research for my Highland Chiefs series (and another one I’m not ready to share just yet…shhhhh), we should have some fun with this right?

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And the Winners are…

Thank you for all your awesome suggestions. I was thrilled to have so many of you pop by and join in the fun. So without further ado, and after much thought, I’ve chosen based on name meanings, how they roll off the tongue, and what my gut says. Drumroll please.

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What’s in a Name? Help me out – Win a Prize.

WARNING: Crazy writer logic ahead. Read at own risk. As I clue up Bound to the Highlander (BTTH) and prepare it for submissions, I’m thinking about the work ahead of me for the next two books in my Highlander series. The second, Promised to the Highlander (PTTH), is written, though it’s a very rough first … Continue reading »

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The Next Big Thing: Blog Hop

Okeee, welcome to my first blog hop post! It’s called ‘The Next Big Thing’ and I was tagged by one of my awesome new writing partners, Valerie Francis. She’s writing a fascinating young adult (YA) fantasy series set right here in Newfoundland. Check her out! The point of this blog hop is to get us … Continue reading »

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Highland Chiefs Series

Seeing as how it’s the most romantic week of the year, I thought I’d post a short synopsis of the historical romance series I’m writing. Hope you like it. The pictures I’ve included are some I took on my trip to Scotland in 2011 and review frequently for inspiration. The series covers a fascinating time … Continue reading »

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