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Bound to the Highlander: Winner of 2013 TARA Award – Historical

Well last week certainly was a big one. I revealed my cover and won a contest! Why aren’t all weeks like that I ask you? Then again, isn’t there something about the harder the climb or some such adage? Anyway. The only thing I’m sure of is it was a damned fine week.

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Writing Resources: Part I – What’s in your Toolbox?

One of the first things I learned on my journey as a writer was that I needed a figurative toolbox and that I would never cease to add to it. It’s good advice. The writer’s toolbox is that list of resources used time and again for anything that helps writers write. Sounds basic enough, right? … Continue reading »

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Strength in Numbers: A Shout Out to my Peeps

Up until May of last year, I was pretty lonely writing romance here on the rock. At the time, I knew of no other romance genre writers and so spent most of my research time online seeking nuggets of information to help me construct a publishing friendly manuscript. So I sat in my little pity … Continue reading »

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